Product Management Associations and Training


Some regions have a vibrant local Product Management community. I recommend to check the local resources and network with peers geographically close to you. They are too many and too dynamic to be reliably captured in a single post. However feel free to post a comment suggesting your preferred ones!!

Face to face interaction is the best way to progress and remain up to date in such a dynamic and constantly evolving profession. Besides the local communities, there are a few international organisations that are a great way to start.

Product Management Associations and Training


The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is a community of more than 2,000 members whose skills, expertise and experience power the most recognized and respected innovative companies in the world. PDMA’s members include product development and management practitioners, academics and service providers in a variety of industries and knowledge areas, including new product process, strategy innovation, market research, tools & metrics, organizational issues and portfolio management.


The Association of International Product Marketing & Management, the world’s largest professional association of product managers, brand managers, product marketing managers and other related fields. AIPMM is the only organization that represents you throughout the entire product life-cycle across any industry.


The Production Managers Association (PMA) is a long-established professional body of film, television, corporate and multimedia production managers. It is made up of the industry’s most experienced Production Managers, each of whom must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Production Manager and at least 6 broadcast credits (or equivalent) to qualify for membership.

Local Product Management – related Meetups


The Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA) is an organization that was founded to address the needs of Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers and other professionals working within the Product Management field.

Training resources

There is really a lot out there. Most business schools and academic institutions offer product management curricula. It is hard to navigate the hige offer and everyone should evaluate the convenience of specific offers by big training organisations.I wanted to focus here on a few dedicated organisations, with strong online presence that focus exclusively (or mostly) on Product Management training and education. The offering is very diverse and targeted to different professionals or industries. I list them down here and let you find what looks most suitable for your needs.

280 Group

There is no other company in the world that offers our full range of courses and highly customizable Product Management training solutions.

Pragmatic Marketing

Provide practical, actionable training that can be implemented the day you get back to the office. We also provide templates and tools to support your new outside-in approach.


Blackblot is the developer of the PMTK® methodology and the premier provider of training and expert services for market leaders and innovators worldwide.

Product Focus

World class product management training and workshops. Based on many decades of experience working with industry-leading technology companies – we know what works in product management and product marketing.

Mind the Product

Host regular product management training and workshops in everything from product management essentials to product leadership training.


Fundamentals of Product Management Course


Tarigo has built an enviable reputation for delivering high-quality training and consultancy solutions to product managers throughout Europe and the USA.

Roman Pichler

Roman offers a variety of product management courses suited for both new and experienced product managers, product owners, product executives, and business analysts.

Product Institute

The only class that teaches you how to THINK like a product manager.


Innovation Process Management offers various courses for Product Management in London.

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