The NUDE Product

What is really a Product?

There is a ton of literature about it and many definitions.

A nice way to start is the problem.

If there is no problem there is no need for a product.


A solution that is truly necessary (N), unique (U) and doable (D), that solves the problem effectively (E), is what defines a N-U-D-E Product.


In a nutshell, a product is a solution to a problem. Good solutions are reasonable and effective.

And what if the problem has already a solution?

The majority of products fail in this case. There is certainly value in alternatives, particularly when the market is big and diverse, but most products lacking uniqueness struggle to find a convincing value proposition. It becomes a matter of price (the exact opposite of the Blue Ocean Strategy)

Is the product reasonably easy to make, develop or implement? Can it be sold at a sensible price? In other words, is it really doable? Can I address and ideally solve the problem with it?

A solution that is truly necessary (N), unique (U) and doable (D), that solves the problem effectively (E), is what I define a N-U-D-E Product.

The NUDE Product is the ideal scenario for an new product introduction (NPI) and what every Product Manager should aim at.

Is that enough?

No, it is not. If I were the only one in the world experiencing the problem I would certainly be a potential customer, but why should anyone care? So the problem must be experienced by enough people to have a market. The NUDE product must make business sense to pay for the Product Manager’s salary, at least…

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  1. I think I strayed from drugstore products for so long because they just didn’t seem to deliver the same quality and longevity as the high end products . I thought I was going crazy and you made me click on the link to check, the one pictures isn’t the nudes set, is it?

    1. The drugstore products that you mention are definitely not NUDE products. What they lack is uniqueness (U) and their philosophy is price competition.

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