Useful Links for Product Managers


Useful resources: – one of the best blogs on product design, ideas, management. – The Product Management LinkedIn Group is very active and highly recommended. – The Cambridge (UK) Product Management community is quite active and offers lots of resources for those who live and work in the area. Interesting for everyone else, too!

Software and Tools for Project Management and Product Roadmap: – my personal favourite tool on the internet. Project Management, Time Management, To-Do Lists, Collaborative and Communication Tool. There is not a single thing you cannot do with Trello and it’s free! – if you need to manage a project or a product and you want to spend your time with a modern, slick online collaboration tool, Roadmunk is your thing. Its main strenght is in the different levels of visualisation, reporting and simplicity. And the guys at Roadmunk are pretty cool! – an agile product roadmap tool, very effective, simple and free for personal use. – THE team communication tool. Do not look further, this is what you need especially if your team is spread across different sites.

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